RoofThought about your Eagan, MN roof lately? Don’t worry, it’s okay if you haven’t. After all, the roof is easy to forget about, since there are no moving parts to it and it’s not the most exciting or attractive thing about a house. But do not be fooled, for your roof is the key element that keeps your entire home from getting damaged.

Why Your Roof Is Important

Without a doubt, a home’s roof is one of the most important structures of your home. Below are some reasons why your roof is so important:

Your Roof Protects Your Home From The Natural Elements

Not only does your roof take a regular beating from the natural elements (such as rain, hail and snow), but it has to do this perfectly otherwise damage can occur faster than you can say “Roof”. In fact, dripping water can completely devastate sheetrock and fine detailing in just a couple of hours. Even just a little dribble going unnoticed can cause structural damage.

Your Roof Can Reduce Your Energy Bill

We all know that heat rises. When this happens during the winter, our furnaces have to work overtime to help keep our homes warm. If your roof is not working properly, heat will continually escape out of your roof causing your energy bill to steadily increase. By pairing a properly insulated attic with a well-built roof, you could save hundreds, even thousands of dollars every year on your energy bill.

Your Roof Needs Ventilation

There is a lot of moisture that can accumulate within a home. Similar to heat, this moisture rises and makes its way to the top of your roof. Without an adequate ventilation system on your roof, this moisture will slowly eat away at your roof, causing it to deteriorate. Ceiling fans, vents and ridge vents are all part of the ventilation system that makes certain that your home, attic and roof have enough air to release moisture.

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