Minnesota Roofing Contractor

Roofing InspectionSevere winter weather is nothing new in Minnesota. From arctic blasts in winter to violent thunderstorms in spring and summer, the Minneapolis-St Paul area gets more than its fair share of extreme weather. Don’t we know it!  Not only is Minneapolis MN known for being in the top 10 for Worst Winter Weather Cities for snowfall, the Twin Cities has the coldest average temperature of any major metropolitan area in the nation.

Winter is normally cold of course, but this year’s tundra-like temperatures have shattered 105-year-old cold records during the first week of December alone. In fact, according to a report by NASA’s power robot rover Curiosity, temperatures were actually colder than highs recorded on the surface of Mars. Yikes! Seriously, I don’t think it gets more extreme.

This extreme weather has finally begun to ease its grip, but unfortunately has left homeowners feeling the impact. And insurance premiums are taking the hit! Experts say that as insurance companies are forced to pay out more policies to cover storm damages, there are likely to be increases in premiums and changes to the way insurance is sold, according to a MSN article.

Roof Inspection

Now might be a good time to take a good look at your home’s exterior for any damage winter may have inflicted. That means taking a good look at your roof, siding and gutters. Unfortunately, the maintenance-free roof system does not exist. All types of roofs require a certain level of attention. Whether a result of storm damage or the ravages of aging, at some point we have to perform maintenance on our roofing or siding. The key is to catch any damage “before” it becomes problematic.

Most homeowners just don’t have the knowledge and experience to thoroughly evaluate the condition of their home’s roof. There’s no shame in leaving this dangerous work to a professional with the appropriate experience and equipment. An experienced roofing contractor is capable of spotting faults in your roof and the flashing around chimneys and utility pipes and other problem areas that the untrained eye is likely to miss.

If you are concerned about the condition of your roof, contact a Minnesota roofing contractor for a roof inspection. If you’ve already done it, great… if not, before the weather grows colder, a roof inspection is something you should schedule on your calendar as soon as possible.