Storm Damage Home Repair MNIf you were to speak to a meteorologist in Bloomington, MN, the individual would probably reference how diverse the weather is in this region. We all know how tough the weather can be during the winter, but Minnesota also experiences other types of weather as well. Windstorms for instance, occur in this region, no matter what time of year it is. We all hope that no damage occurs to your residence during these types of storms. Although wind may not be the first factor you think about as being dangerous during a powerful storm, it can actually cause serious damage to your home. If you find that wind damage has occurred around your residence, let Tollefson Bros. Exteriors help with any of your windstorm repair needs.

Damaging Windstorms

Windstorms are one of the most damaging types of storms that we experience in the United States. These powerful winds can cause torn siding, damaged shutters, roof damage, missing shingles, and even window issues. It is hard to prepare for these types of storms because there is no easy way to predict whether or not the wind will cause damage to your home. It is however, helpful to have a storm damage repair team on speed dial should you need us in the future! On average, the wind speed during a windstorm can easily surpass 34 miles per hour. This is sure to increase the chance of fallen branches or trees in your yard. No matter what season we are in, these windstorms can occur, so it is important that you are prepared should you experience residential wind damage in the future.

Work with Your Insurance Company

One thing’s for sure about our locally owned company. We want the best for our customers, and that includes keeping as much money in your pocket as possible. We are not the type of company to shy away from working with your insurance company. By documenting everything that we notice during our intense inspection, we will provide your insurance adjuster with all of our findings. Sometimes insurance adjusters miss some of the damage from these windstorms. That is why we do our own inspection to make sure that every inch of your home is examined!

If you live in Bloomington, MN, and experience residential wind damage from a future windstorm, team up with Tollefson Bros. Exteriors, a home repair contractor right in your backyard! Give us a call at (952) 881-2218 to set up a free estimate for your repair needs.