Hail Damage Repair Crystal BayHave you been amazed at the number and severity of the storms that have been seen and felt in Crystal Bay, MN as of late?  As a roofing contractor in the area whenever we hear about severe storms, we know that our phone will be ringing off the hook soon after the thunder stops rolling.  One of the worst risks from storms is hail damage in Crystal Bay. At Tollefson Bros. Exteriors, Inc. we offer full storm damage restoration services to ensure that your home is repaired to its pre-storm condition in no time at all.

Storm Damage Restoration Services in Crystal Bay

We offer the following services to Minnesota residents that are dealing with damage from a recent storm.

  • Gutter Repairs
  • Roof Repairs
  • Siding Repairs
  • Window Repairs

Trained Insurance Claim Specialists

At Tollefson Bros., we understand how difficult it can be to work with insurance companies, especially when it involves money.  Insurance companies are happy to take your premium each month, but may not be as happy to work with you when you want to discuss issues like hail damage or roof repairs.  For this reason, we have a team of insurance specialists that can meet with your insurance adjuster to go over any damage that was done to your home from a previous storm.  Our trained specialists will perform the following tasks:

  • Perform a complete and thorough inspection around your entire home
  • Look at any eaves or overhangs to take note of damage
  • Check gutters and downspouts for any damage
  • Inspect your entire roof for signs of damage

As you can see our inspection is quite comprehensive and may unearth damage not noticed by other roofing companies or insurance adjusters.

Documentation is Key With Insurance Claims

We train all of our roofing specialists to document everything.  This allows us to build a “case” of sorts on any damage that has occurred to your home.  We’ll then meet with your adjuster and show them what we found.  If they agree with our findings we’ll then discuss how much money they will pay based on what is in your insurance policy.

Has Your Insurance Adjuster Overlooked Something at Your Home?

If you’ve recently had an adjuster tell you that your home was not damaged by a recent storm, yet you have neighbors that are getting new roofs or siding, it may be time to get a second opinion.  Call Tollefson Bros. Exteriors today at 952-881-2218 to setup an appointment for one of our expert professionals to come perform a thorough inspection to unearth any damage that you may have at your Crystal Bay, MN home.