What Homeowners Should Know About Replacement Windows in St. Paul, MN

Window InstallationA home’s windows play a crucial role in maintaining the temperature and the ideal lighting levels in a home. Today’s windows aren’t just pieces of glass but technologically advanced components that need professional installation. When shopping for replacement windows, St. Paul, MN homeowners need windows that continually block and seal out drafts, eradicate cool spots, and lead moisture to the exterior of the home to reduce mold and mildew. Licensed window installers will make sure that replacement windows open smoothly but give a tight seal when the window is shut. Looking for a professional installation team that knows how to make this happen? The Tollefson Bros offer professional window installation from top manufacturers including Richlin Vinyl Replacement Windows.

Do I Really Need to Replace My Windows?

That’s a question that St. Paul, MN homeowners should ask. Ask yourself the following questions before deciding if you should replace your windows:

  • Do my windows filter out noise?
  • Is my energy bill high and getting higher?
  • Do I feel a draft when I walk by my window?
  • Do my windows look outdated or sagging?
  • Are my windows hard to open and close?

If you answered no to the first question or yes to the rest, then you should consider replacing the home’s windows. While it is an investment, it is one that will pay off with lower energy bills and greater comfort for years to come.

Which Window Should I Choose?

Before you begin to purchase windows, learn a few of the different types:

Double-pane windows: This window type is two pieces of glass that may have a type of gas between the panes for further insulation.

Double-hung windows: These windows are opened from both the top and bottom. They can also open with a crank and are handy when a window is located in an out of the way place.

Mullions: These are the dividers, both vertical and horizontal, that give windows the traditional cozy-home look.

Tilt-out windows: If you like a shiny window, then opt for the tilt outs. This window type allows you to clean the exterior window from the inside of the home.

There’s no need to stress over buying replacement windows. You can depend on the The Tollefson Bros, St. Paul, MNs local window gurus.  These licensed window installers are also qualified to offer and install Richlin Vinyl replacement windows. Ask us how we can help you! Tollefson Bros Exteriors, Inc. is located at 10800 Normandale Blvd in Ste. 104, Bloomington, MN 55437.

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