Recognizing Storm Damage To Your Minnesota HomeMinnesota is vulnerable to storms year-round, from hail and thunderstorms in spring and summer to snow and ice in winter. While extreme weather events can have detrimental effects on your house, there are ways you can protect it by being aware of warning signs that storm damage might have already taken place. Take some time after each storm to inspect your property for signs of damage as well as assess any damages that have occurred.

Storm Damage To Your Homes Interior

Your home’s interior can be negatively affected by rain, snow, ice dams and hail. Conduct a thorough examination of your house after stormy weather to assess any damages that have occurred.

Ceilings: Check for wet spots, dripping or discoloration as soon as the rain stops.
Walls: Look out for black, brown, or red drywall spots; flaking or cracked walls; water stains; streaks of water; or other visible evidence that your walls have been affected by moisture.
Flooring: Be mindful of wet spots, puddles and uneven or sloping floors.
● Attic: Look for water stains, drips or stains beneath the roof, wet beams, and damp insulation in the attic, as well as light coming through the roof.
Plumbing: Be alert for any wet spots near pipes, toilets, sinks and faucets as well as for any sewage smells or musty, moldy odors.

Storm Damage To Your Homes Exterior

If storm damage has taken place to your exterior structure, it could mean major repairs inside as well. As you would inspect your home’s interior, it is also essential to check the exterior of your house when strong storms are forecast.

Wind, hail and rain: can erode wood, vinyl, brick or stone exterior walls if left unchecked.
Excess moisture: may lead to rotting in wood siding, shutters, and window frames due to exposure.
● Outdoor Structures: High winds and excessive moisture can cause extensive damage to structure near your home. Look for signs of damage such as fallen fencing, damaged sheds, deck railings that are missing, wood rot on the deck floor, cracked concrete steps and sidewalks, as well as driveways.
Landscaping: Greenery can easily be damaged in severe storms by snow, ice, and rain.
Any property kept outside, such as cars, bikes, and lawn furniture, also becomes vulnerable.

Signs Your Roof Need’s Repair

Your home’s roof is essential to its health. Strong, secure roofing prevents leaks and shields your house from hailstorms; plus, it looks great from the curb which helps retain its value over time. While climbing on top may be hazardous, some issues can easily be seen from below if you don’t have access to a drone. Stand away from your residence and check for:

Shingle granules: Storm damage could damage these particles and expose them to the elements, leaving your home’s siding exposed or scattered throughout your yard. You may find these fragments buried deep within your gutter or scattered about.
Broken, missing, or cracked shingles: If there are bare spots where shingles are missing or spots where the roofing material has shifted, these could indicate that there’s been a leak somewhere on your roof.
Leaking gutters: Your home could be at risk if your gutters crack, become clogged, lack hardware, or have been relocated out of their usual spot.

Storm Damage Repairs Done Right The First Time

Keep your home in great shape even when the weather is harsh. It may seem daunting to think about storm damage repair, roof replacement and other home care issues but it doesn’t have to be. Tollefson Bros., Bloomington, MN is available to help you if your property has been damaged by the winter storm. They will assess the damage and serve as your advocate in dealing with your insurance company. Call (952) 881-2218 for a free estimate. Financing options are available upon request.