Roofing Contractor Eden PrairieMinnesota is quite vulnerable to a variety of weather patterns, including spring and early summer storms. Oftentimes, figuring out what to do next can be confusing, time consuming and irritating. When you are looking to help repair your home, your insurance company will require you to have a certified assessment on the condition of our home in order to move forward with the claims process. At Tollefson Exteriors Inc, we provide thorough damage assessments performed by on of our expert exterior contractors. We will take our time to understand what is broken at your home. Sometimes damage isn’t always very noticeable and that is why it is important to hire someone you can trust. Our assessment specialists will produce a detailed report on the damage done to your building, structured in a way that is compliant with insurance company requirements.

Storm Damage Contractor

At Tollefson Exteriors Inc., we specialize in working with insurance companies to help homeowners file their claims for storm damage, hail damage and tornado repair. We are here to advocate on your behalf and help you file the claim. Insurance companies are always looking out for themselves, which means that they will try to reduce the amount of the claim as much as possible. When you work with us we will advocate for you to help you get your repaired in a timely manner. Often an insurance company’s preferred contractor will cut corners, resulting in lower quality work that will save the insurance carriers money on repairs.

If you have hail, wind or tornado damage to your home, you want to be sure that the repairs are done right and professionally regardless of the costs. At Tollefson Exteriors Inc, we will strive to ensure that you receive the best repair service possible for any storm damage.

You name it, we can fix it. With over 25 years of experience in this business we are proud to say we are experts and help you through these difficult times of repair. We assist homes and businesses around the southern Twin Cities metro with their exterior needs. No matter how aggressive the storm damage is, we are here for you. We will work with your insurance companies and we understand that you are our client, which will put you at ease when you know you have someone advocating for you. Give us a call today and we can help you get your home back in order.