Insurance Approved Bloomington, MN Storm Damage Repair

Storms in Minnesota can come without warning and can leave a large path of debris as they move to the next location. Your home has likely made it just fine though many storms since it was built, without any damage. However, in an instant, a thunderstorm or snow or ice storm can take shingles off of your roof, knock down a tree that lands on your home, or damage your exterior siding. Storms can cause new damage or simply pound your home so that any vulnerable area is literally exposed to the elements. Tollefson Bros. Exteriors is approved by insurance companies to provide storm damage repair to those in Bloomington, MN. We will carefully and thoroughly assess the damage, make a plan for repairs, provide you with an estimate, work with your insurance company, and then make the repairs so that no further damage will be caused.

Exterior Storm Damage Repair Contractors, MN

The team at Tollefson Bros. Exteriors has extensive experience working with a variety of insurance companies. We consider ourselves your advocate and will take great care to make sure that we find all potential storm damage. Once we document the damage that we find, we will meet with your insurance adjuster on your behalf and discuss how much they are prepared to pay for the damage from the storm. We are a trusted leader in storm damage repair in the whole area – in fact, we even get called by other companies and ask for our help. We inspect all structures on your property, look closely at your gutters and downspouts, eves, overhangs, as well as every single inch of your roof.

Professional Storm Damage Repair Assessment

When your insurance adjuster comes to your home to assess the damage, we will meet them there and be ready to compare our findings. If we do not receive approval for our work, we do not get paid. You do not lose anything if you decide to work with us. We will communicate clearly with your insurance adjusters, show them what we find that they did not, and build a strong relationship so that they are comfortable with our work.

So, if a storm has recently moved through and you are concerned about storm damage to the exterior of your home, there is no better resource in the Bloomington, Minnesota area than Tollefson Bros. Exteriors. For more information, call us at 952-881-2218 for a free estimate.