winter weather appraisalGet a jump on winter prep tasks and don’t get stuck on a long service waiting list. Contact Tollefson Bros now and make your appointment for a winter weather appraisal of your home, business or property. Temperatures can drop to well below freezing in the Minnesota area throughout the fall and winter season. Make sure all areas of your home are protected from Old Man Winter. Take winter weather seriously and be prepared for whatever conditions occur. How can the Tollefson Bros help?

  • Professional home improvement specialists will winterize your home with wall and attic insulation, caulk and weather stripping. When you winterize your home, you could reduce your utility bills. We can also install storm windows to further improve your home’s energy efficiency.
  • We can clean rain gutters and check your roof for leaks. Our knowledgeable team will also check the structural strength of your roof to verify that it can hold a heavy layer of accumulation from snow.
  • Allow us to inspect your heating unit and chimneys. Our home inspection crew will also inspect and clean outside vents that can affect the efficiency of your home heating.
  • Ask us to check the insulation of any outside pipes. Faucets should not drip or leak to prevent your pipes from freezing.  No one wants to wake up to no hot water!
  • Verify that fuel-burning equipment is properly ventilated and clear of obstructions.
  • We can cover windows with a layer of plastic that will keep heat in safely, or even better replace your old windows with Energy Star Rated ones.
  • We check for drafts along windows, walls and doorways where warm air can escape and cost you money.
  • Do you have an emergency heating supply? If not, allow us to help you plan for a heating outage. Having a back-up system like a wood-burning stove or a fireplace is a good idea.
  • The Tollefson Bros are experts at cutting away potentially dangerous branches that could damage a roof, parked cars and your property in general. Allow us to remove potential problems with some pre-winter prep work.

The Tollefson Bros are ready to help you prepare for those cold winter months. Access our contact form to request a free estimate. Our offices are located at 10800 Normandale Boulevard Suite  104 in Bloomington, MN 55437. Call us at (952) 881-2218 for more information about the services we provide to our New Hope, MN clients.