Preparing Your Bloomington MN Home For Winter StormsAveraging 60” of measurable snowfall each winter season in the State, Minnesotans are used to seeing their share of snowfall. If you’ve lived here long enough, you may remember the great blizzard of 1991. It’s not uncommon in Bloomington MN to deal with several winter storms each year. So, with the storms coming, do you know how to spot signs of damage at your home or business? The team of professional contractors at Tollefson Bros. wants you to learn some of the most common signs of damage.

Areas Of Your Home That Can See Winter Storm Damage

Many people unfortunately understand the effects of having too much snow accumulation on roofs. The extra weight can cause roofs to collapse. This is one obvious problem but also consider that the effects of strong winds can loosen roof shingles. These same winds can pick up small rocks and debris, causing damage to siding and windows. Snowmelt can find its way into small cracks and crevices, causing internal water damage. Then, there’s damages to the home due to downed trees and large limbs, and ice dams that can form in your gutter downspouts. Any one of these issues can lead to larger problems, if gone unrepaired. So, what can you do to prepare your home for the onset of the harsh winter weather?

Preparing Your Home Against Damages From Winter Storms

While it is impossible to completely shield your home or business against the wrath that mother nature and the harsh Minnesota winters can dish out, there are a few simple things that you can do to better safeguard your property from damages due to winter storms. One thing you can do is to inspect and remove any tree branches that are large and are hanging over your roofline, thus eliminating the opportunity for one of them to fall directly onto your roof’s surface. You can also have your roof examined for any pre-existing weakened spots that are already an issue. The underlying boards can have damage and be weakened, but not be visible due to the layer of shingles over top. Lastly, to prevent ice dam buildup, it is best to ensure all gutter downspouts are cleaned out before the weather begins to reach freezing temps.

Dealing With Winter Storm Damage Bloomington Minnesota

If you find yourself dealing with the effects of winter storm damages to your home or business’ exterior, call the professionals at Tollefson Bros. in Bloomington, MN right away. The trained insurance specialists will inspect the damage and act as your advocate when dealing with your insurance provider. Call (952) 881-2218 or use the online form to request a free, no obligation estimate. Financing options available upon request.