Blown In Insulation MNBelieve it or not, your Bloomington, MN attic is one of the most important spaces in your home when it comes to winter heating. The attic helps keep the heat in the home, where it belongs. When you see long icicles or ice dams on a roof this typically means the homeowner is paying to heat his or her attic. The snow gets warm, melts, and then freezes on the edge of the roof or gutters. As pretty as those massive icicles may be, they are signs that money and energy is being wasted. To prevent this, you need to make your attic ready for winter with the help from Tollefson Bros Exteriors.

Adding Insulation

Tollefson Bros. can do an inspection of your home so you can see if energy is being lost through your attic. If so, you may need to add some extra home insulation. This includes insulation in large areas of the attic, but also in any cracks or crevices where cold air can get in.

Gutter Services

Your gutters need to be cleaned and inspected before winter as well. Gutters that are heavy or hang loosely put an unnecessary stress on the structure of the home. If your gutters do hang loosely, it could mean that some of the structure behind your gutters needs to be repaired. Left untouched, the damage to the home can only increase while energy is lost and you struggle to keep your home warm.

Weatherproofing Your Home To Keep Out Unwanted Critters

Lost energy isn’t the only thing to concern yourself with over the winter. During the cold months, many creatures seek shelter in warm places. If your attic has gaps that allow pests to sneak through, you could end up replacing part of your attic structure and insulation to get rid of the pest and any traces of it. It’s best to seal these openings before winter and eliminate the issues before they start.

Winter is only just around the corner. Don’t get left out in the cold with a Bloomington, MN attic that has issues, which need to be addressed. Give Tollefson Bros. a call and we’ll help you get your attic ready for winter before you even get started on your Christmas list. Call 952-881-2218 or use the Contact Us form on our website. We’ll start off by scheduling an assessment and go from there.