Home Energy Cold weather is fast approaching and you know what comes with cold temperatures?? High heat bills! Before winter sets in deep, you may be thinking about ways to make your home more energy efficient to keep that precious heat inside your home and keep the cold air out. Replacing your windows may be one of the very best ways to increase your home’s overall efficiency. If you live in the Minnesota area, Tollefson Bros. Exteriors can help match the perfect replacement windows for your home and install them professionally and quickly so that you can be ready for the winter, whatever it brings!

Multiple Ways That New Windows Improve Overall Efficiency

Old windows can change shape over time and simply do not create a strong seal when closed. As a result, your warm air leaks out into the cold winter air and the cold winter air seeps into your home. New windows have an airtight seal and keeps the warm air inside, where it belongs. In the summertime, your windows will also help keep precious cool air inside as well. Double paned windows are another option to increase efficiency even further. The double panes are separated by a metal or foam spacer, acting as an insulator. Double paned windows are generally guaranteed for 10-20 years.

Other options for increasing energy efficiency include using storm windows or shutters in the winter can help keep your heat inside your home. You can also use weather stripping, caulking or insulating your curtains can be great short term solutions.

Best Replacement Windows For Minnesota Homeowners

Tollefson Bros. Exteriors uses Richlin Vinyl Replacement Windows for the majority of their jobs in the area. These windows are designed and produced in Minnesota and specially made to withstand our harsh, cold winters. Many people underestimate just how much of a savings they may see just by replacing their old, inefficient windows with a high quality window. You can actually expect to save between 25–40% of their heating and cooling bills! That is a savings that you will really notice!

The best type of windows on the market today are vinyl windows. Unlike wood windows, vinyl windows are nearly maintenance-free; you do not have to re-paint or stain them and they do not deteriorate like wood windows. In addition, the insulation values are much higher in replacement vinyl windows than in old wooden windows.

There is still time to replace your wood windows with vinyl ones before winter sets in! Give Tolleson Bros. Exteriors a call today at 1-952-881-2218 to see what new windows can do for you!