Mpls St Paul Roofing ContractorAs The Weather Channel follows the “snowpocalypse” of our eastern states, we want you to pay close attention when they zoom in on people’s homes! There have been so many reports of roofs caving in from ice dams and snow build up. This can be a devastating event and can cause some major damage on your home. Fortunately, a lot of Minnesota homes are built with the understanding that snow and ice will continuously fall throughout the winter season and therefore, can withstand a little bit more. The important thing is that you have licensed roofing contractors near the Mpls/St Paul area that can get to you in a moment of crisis. At Tollefson Bros. Exteriors, we are there when you need it most. We perform both roof repairs and re-roofing for Minnesota homes that may have been damaged in a storm or need some reinforcing before the next big storm hits.

Minnesota Ice Dam Damage

The biggest sign of an ice dam is most often when you begin to notice giant icicles hanging from the eaves of your roof. Not only is a heavy and pointy icicle dangerous to anything underneath it, it can also be a serious sign of damage to your roof and attic. As the heat in the home rises to the attic and the cold snow falls onto the roof, the heat can melt the snow and then cause a big sheet of ice on the surface of your roof. This process can happen on and off again until your sheet of ice is so big that it collapses your roof. Obviously, no one wants that to happen to you or your home. So when disaster strikes, let Tollefson Bros. Exteriors come to your rescue!

Licensed Roofing Contractors near Mpls/St Paul Area

We are experts in roof repairs and re-roofing homes after any type of storm damage occurs. We understand that if something is wrong with your roof, you need it fixed fast! After a storm, whatever the issue may be, whether it’s ice dam problems or a tree has fallen onto your roof, we can help. We are your trained advocates for all storm damage roof repairs and will come out and provide a comprehensive report for your insurance claims adjuster. We will meet with them and advocate for you and the repairs of your home.

Tollefson Bros. Exteriors are licensed roofing contractors near the Mpls/St Paul area that have the experience and quality products you need for any re-roofing or roof repairs. Please call us at 952-881-2218 for all of your storm damage roofing needs!