Attic Insulation Mendota Heights Are you fighting the urge to turn your heat on? It’s not even October yet! Instead of turning the heat on, you might want to consider solving the problem to your chilly Mendota Heights home in a more long-term manner. There are many reasons for a drafty home, including old windows and doors but the issue we would like to bring up in this article is your Attic Insulation. When is the last time someone went up there to check it out? Rainy fall days are perfect for an attic inspection because if any water is coming in the contractor will see and repairs can be done before the winter rolls around.

How Often Should an Attic get Inspected?

It is recommended that property owners get their attic inspected yearly. Your insulation and roofing system is out of sight, yet right above your head and working hard 365 days a year. Take at least one of those days to inspect for issues and you could prevent some serious damages and expenses.

What Does our Initial Attic Inspection Consist of?

  • Examine the Roof from Inside – While we come to your home to for Blown-In Fiberglass Attic Insulation Services we will examine your roof when we are in the attic. Our Licensed Minnesota Contractors know the signs of water leakage and can spot it quickly. Small leaks on your roof lining are much easier to fix and way more affordable than if water were to make its way into the insulation and eventually through the ceiling.
  • Check for a Healthy Ventilation System – Your roof needs to breathe! Ignoring this need can lead to horrible things if you are the owner of the home. An attic with improper ventilation traps moisture and that moisture soaks up into the structure of your roof which can cause mildew and other types of water damages. If this condition is left to fester it can also compromise the structural integrity of your roof.
  • Examine the Amount/Need for Insulation – Our Insulation Professionals, after ensuring your attic is in working order, will then measure and inspect any existing insulation to see its condition and if it should be removed or not. We recommend an 18” thick blanket of insulation for the minimal thickness of R-38 to a maximum of 22” thick for an R-60.

So if your ready to get that shiver off your spine – contact Tollefson Bros. Exteriors for our Professional Blown-In Insulation Services in Mendota Heights, MN.