A High Quality Roof Is Your Best Defense

Roofing ContractorMinneapolis, MN has some of the most extreme weather conditions in the country. The roof on your home provides your first line of defense against the elements. A poorly constructed or damaged roof will quickly reveal its weakness when facing Waves of Rains, Strong Winds, Hail, Heavy Snow, Ice Build Up, Lightning Strikes, Fallen Branches, Insects and Rodents. Using only a highly experienced roofing contractor for all your roofing services, including Emergency Roof Repair, Fixing Leaky Roof, or Roofing Replacement, provides your best defense.

Experience Counts When Installing A New Roof

Installing a High Quality Roof is more than just nailing on some shingles. A highly experienced professional roofing contractor from Tollefson Bros. Exteriors, knows how to choose the Highest Quality Materials, provide Proper Ventilation, Follow Manufacturers Guidelines, correctly Install Sub Surface Layers, and finish it off by Securing Flashing. Following Industry Best Practices with each of these steps are an important part of ensuring that your new roof will last for decades.

  • Highest Quality Materials are needed to hold up to Minnesota’s extreme weather conditions.
  • Proper Ventilation is required to allow airflow and prevent moisture problems including Mold, Mildew, Wood Rot, Warping and Ice Dams. Good ventilation is also needed for better Energy Efficiency of your Heating and Cooling systems.
  • Following Manufacturers Guidelines will ensure that your new roof installation is under Warranty.
  • Sub Surface Layers are the foundation of the roof. This includes felt paper and an ice and water barrier.
  • Roof Flashing is used to direct water away from openings, making proper installation important for avoiding moisture problems. Flashing that is not secured, can be an entry point for rodents such as squirrels.

Over 25 Years Of Roofs In The Minneapolis MN Area

When building a new home, or after a big storm, call the Professional Roofing Contractors at Tollefson Bros. Exteriors. You can count on us for your new roof installation. We have more than 25 Years of Experience in the Minneapolis area. When your roof is damaged from a storm or just showing its wear, we are your best ally for emergency roof repair and dealing with insurance companies.

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