Insurance Claim Storm Damage ContractorWhen disaster strikes, you can always count on Tollefson Bros. Exteriors, Inc., to pick up the pieces. At Tollefson Bros. Exteriors, Inc., we have been your local insurance claim storm damage contractor for over 25 years. If your home is damaged in a bad storm, Tollefson Bros. Exteriors, Inc., is here to help you not only restore your home, but ensure that no money out of your pocket is ever wasted.

When you call our professionals at Tollefson Bros. Exteriors, Inc., a trained and professional insurance specialist will come out to your home and do a complete inspection around the property. We look at everything! From every single inch of your roof to the eves and overhangs, nothing goes unnoticed or undocumented. We like to think of ourselves as your advocate for your insurance. Everything we see is documented and explained. Not only do we send them a written copy of everything we have noticed, our professionals here go a step further.

Meeting with your Insurance Adjuster

A major part of being an insurance claim storm damage contractor is working with the insurance claims adjuster. It is easy for both the homeowner and the insurance claims adjuster to miss something that should be covered. Our professionals are trained and knowledgeable on storm damage and will meet with your insurance claims adjuster to physically show them all the damage we found during our inspection. We will then discuss with them how much your insurance company will need to pay in order to repair the damage.

Insurance Claim Storm Damage Contractor

Our biggest goal as an insurance claim storm damage contractor is to ensure that the homeowners aren’t paying more than their insurance deductible or co-pay. Unless you desire further work to be added on other than what is covered under your insurance policy, Tollefson Bros. Exteriors, Inc., will never let you pay extra. In fact, if we don’t get approval for the work by the insurance company, we simply do not get the job. Everything we do is based on contingency. If the insurance company does approve our work, we will always do it for the amount they approve and nothing more.

Thorough Storm Damage Inspection

For more information about Tollefson Bros. Exteriors, Inc., and our storm damage services, give us a call today. Don’t trust your wallet or storm repair job with anyone else! Call your local and dedicated insurance claim storm damage contractor today at 952-881-2218.