hail-storm-assessment-contractor-by-meSummers in Minnesota can be a great time to get out and explore all of the wonderful sights and sounds of nature, but the afternoon and evening storms this time of year can also be quite severe. In fact, it’s common to see high winds and strong storms that can produce not only heavy rain and lightning, but damaging hail as well. If you’ve recently experience a strong hailstorm and are worried that your roof may have been damaged, it’s best to call in a reputable hail storm assessment contractor like Tollefson Bros. Exteriors. Our team can take a look at your roof to identify any damage and come up with a plan that will ensure your home and all of the precious people and things you store in it are always safe and secure.

First Step Involves a Hail Storm Assessment

After a severe storm that produced damaging hail, it’s best to give a storm damage repair contractor like Tollefson Bros. a call to setup what’s known as a hail storm assessment. This assessment simply involves one of our reputable employees coming to your home to take a closer look at your roof. We’ll then determine if there is any visible hail damage and if so, we can work directly with your insurance company to speed up the roof repair process without you having to lift a finger. We’ve worked with a large variety of insurance companies over the years, and feel confident that we can help you repair any hail damage with as little money out of pocket as possible based on your insurance coverage.

Insurance Adjusters Miss Hail Damage

One of the complaints that we hear about some, not all insurance adjusters, is that they’re not as thorough as some homeowners would like. By giving us a call prior to having an insurance adjuster come out, we can actually meet the adjuster at your home after already taking a closer look at any hail damage to ensure that the adjuster doesn’t miss anything. We know that most insurance adjusters are just trying to do their jobs, but it’s always best to have more than one set of eyes on something as opposed to blindly accepting an adjusters word as to whether your roof has any hail damage or not.

Hail Storm Assessment Contractor By Me

Don’t be afraid to reach out to our team today to setup a time for one of our hail storm damage contractors to perform a risk free hail storm assessment. Give us a call at 952-881-2218 to setup a time today.