Exterior Remodeling Savage MNWe’ve all got that neighbor, they’re out shoveling at the first inch of snow, their garden has not one weed in sight, grass is perfectly edged and they are the first to set out decorations for every holiday… they make you look, well, sub-par. Just because you don’t have the time to perfect every inch of your home’s curb appeal doesn’t mean your place has to look unhinged; there are improvements that you can have completed that won’t require constant maintenance and will keep their luster for years. Tollefson Bros Exteriors, Inc. offers low-maintenance and even no-maintenance exterior installation, replacement and repair services to homes in Savage, MN and the surrounding Minnesota cities.

Exterior Remodeling Services:

Roof Installation, Replacement and Repairs

We are a Licensed Roofing Contractor providing quality roofing services to anyone in need. Whether you’re building new, restoring a property just recently purchased or its time to show your home some TLC – we can offer you the best roofing products and installation services around. A building’s first defense is its roof and if there is damage to the first defense, damages to all other areas will follow. Even a tiny leak can turn into an expensive and even structural problem. Don’t ignore what’s right over your head – it’s not impervious to Minnesota’s harsh weather and if it’s been 15-20 years it might need attention.

Siding Installation, Replacement and Repairs

As a Minnesota Licensed Contractor we are highly skilled, qualified and experienced in Siding Services. Our most popular siding choices are maintenance-free; no painting, no staining, no chipping and no risk of lead. And siding has an excellent return on investment rate, it can dramatically lower your utility bills and instantly adds volumes to your property’s appearance.

Window Installation, Replacement and Repairs

It’s no secret that old, ugly and possibly harmful windows can bring an entire house down. Windows are usually found in each and every room in a home and when their looks start fading, the visual aspect isn’t the only unpleasant result. Each and every poorly operating window could be costing you money, because the heat and cool air you pay so much for to stay comfortable all year is just slipping right through every window in bad condition. Our Licensed Window Installation crew will tightly seal each window, ensuring you get to keep all the comfort you’re paying for.

Exterior Remodeling Professionals Savage MN

Whether you’re trying to ‘keep up with the Joneses’, lower your monthly costs or prevent further damages from happening Tollefson Bros Inc. can provide you with any and all of your exterior residential remodeling services. Our professional services are a win: win for your Savage, MN home!

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