Exterior Maintenance Tips To Protect Your HomeExterior maintenance is vital because it helps prevent damage from weather elements such as rain, snow, wind, heat, cold, etc. If you don’t take care of your home’s exterior, it can cause serious problems. For example, water can get into cracks or holes and freeze, causing them to expand and potentially crack walls, windows, doors, roofs, gutters, siding, decks, fences, sheds, and other structures. This can result in costly repairs.
There are several ways to ensure your home’s exterior looks excellent year-round. The key is to perform regular inspections and maintenance. Here are some helpful hints to keep your home looking its best.

Inspect The Exterior Of Your Home

The first step in assessing any home maintenance needs is to examine the outside of your home, paying particular attention to areas such as your roof, siding, gutters, windows, and any other areas that may need attention. Spotting minor problems can help prevent significant repair issues down the road. Having a company like Tollefson Bros Exteriors inspect your home can help to identify any issues that should be addressed sooner rather than later.

Clean Your Gutters

Gutters are one of those things that most homeowners ignore until it’s too late. They’re often neglected because they seem like such a small part of the house, but they play a significant role in protecting your home against water damage. If you have a gutter system at your home, clean them thoroughly at least once per year. This will help ensure that there is no debris buildup and that the gutters work correctly throughout the year.

Check The Condition Of Your Home’s Siding

Your home’s siding is one of those things that people don’t think about, but it’s pretty essential. When you live in a climate where temperatures drop below freezing, you must ensure that your home is adequately insulated. If your home lacks insulation, you could pay thousands of dollars to replace damaged walls and windows. So, while you might not think about it, it’s worth checking your home’s exterior.

It would be best if you always kept an eye out for any signs of damage to your siding. You might see small gaps around doors and windows or areas where the paint looks chipped off. Any of these issues could mean that your siding needs to be repaired or replaced. But don’t worry – we’re here to help. We’ll show you how to quickly inspect your home’s siding and talk to you about the importance of maintaining your home’s exterior.

If you feel your home has been neglected over the past several years, it’s not too late to call in the pros at Tollefson Bros Exteriors. We’ll be happy to come out to your home and provide you with a no-obligation home maintenance assessment to outline what needs to be done to restore your home to the beauty it once had. Call us today at (952) 881-2218 to schedule a time for one of our home maintenance specialists to come to your home to provide a free estimate.