Energy Efficient Window Replacement InsertsIt can be really tempting to turn up the heat when the outside temperatures have turned bitter cold. Doing so however would raise your heating bill and may not make you more comfortable if your windows are allowing the cold air come inside. Replacing old or leaky windows with energy efficient window replacement inserts can improve the comfort in your home, save on heating and cooling costs and reduce your carbon footprint. This can be an easy and cost effective win – win scenario for people who go with Tollefson Bros. Exteriors, Inc. for their new windows.

Advantages of Installing Vinyl Replacement Windows

Home values have been up over the last year and it is a good time to look into ways to invest in home improvement ideas that increase the value even more. Energy efficient exterior renovations that improve the home’s curb appeal is one good way to make your home stand out in a good way. Installing highly efficient, vinyl windows can provide you with a good return on your investment among other advantages.

  1. Improve Comfort All Year by maintaining a more consistent indoor air temperature year round.
  1. Lower Energy Bills by cutting down on drafty leaks during the long winter months and maintaining air-conditioned cooling in the summer. Customers can enjoy up to a 25% to 40% savings on heating and cooling bills.
  1. Decrease Your Carbon Footprint by using less energy and becoming more eco-friendly without sacrificing comfort or convenience. Recent advancements in window technology have really upped the feel good factor.
  1. Increased Curb Appeal with beautiful new windows that are designed to compliment the architectural style and aesthetics of any home.
  1. Lower Maintenance Than Wood Windows that need to be painted or stained to maintain an attractive appearance. Wooden windows are also prone to rotting, chipping or pealing due to exposure to harsh climate conditions.
  1. Raise Your Home Value by choosing windows that either match the existing style of your home while decreasing the energy costs or by updating the look with a beautiful new window color, style or type.

Technologically Advanced Window Upgrades

The technology advancements in vinyl replacement windows over the last ten years has improved performance, value and aesthetic options to a place where the investment makes a lot of sense for homeowners who would otherwise be on the fence. Tollefson Bros. Exteriors works with manufacturers that are on the cutting edge of manufacturing vinyl windows that perform better than others on the market.

Top Of The Line Replacement Windows

The windows installed by Tollefson Bros. Exteriors in either vinyl window inserts or full frame replacements are engineered with something called a Duralite Window Spacer that improves on the window’s performance. These top-of-the-line window inserts are the most energy efficient with the lowest U-factor. They provide excellent insulation with a lower level of heat transfer. You can get a better return on your investment. With all the elegant and stylish choices available that can save hundreds on heating and cooling bills, provide better year round comfort and improve energy efficiency, why wouldn’t you get a free estimate on vinyl window replacements?

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