Burnsville Storm Damage RepairHas your home gotten abused by the weather this year? Rain, wind, hail and winter will take it’s toll on the outside of a home. Our Burnsville Exterior Contractors are experienced in repairing the damages storms have left. Roofing, gutters, siding and windows are common targets it seems when it comes to storm damages. If you have cracks in your siding, you are letting valuable energy out. If your gutters are leaking, you can find yourself facing potential water damage within your foundation. If your windows are cracked, it’s not a good look and even more inefficient. We can restore your home if it has been affected by a recent storm, contact our Licensed Contractors for our experienced Storm Damage Repair Services in Burnsville, MN.

Storm Damage Contractors work For You

My home is damaged due to Natural Causes, should I call an insurance agent? Yes. Storm Damage, such as wind and hail are considered natural causes and if there has been damage done, you will not need to pay for it and your individual premiums will not rise.

What is the biggest mistake homeowners make when dealing with storm damage? Going straight to the insurance company and not working with a contractor, prior to the initial home damage inspection. You may think it will be more affordable to skip the contractor but it is quite the opposite. Our skilled storm damage contractors are experienced in dealing with insurance companies and we know how to get our client the best amount of coverage when it comes to their specific policy and the damage done.

Don’t let the insurance guy be the only one to inspect your roof. In the end, it will be the insurance companies who pay for the repairs, so be sure you get your money’s worth out of your policy. We know the price of repairs and quality materials so we can have an educated discussion with the evaluator to ensure they quote an amount that will meet your repair budget needs and see that damages are less likely to happen again.

Burnsville Storm Damage Home Repair Specialists

Owning a property is a beautiful thing because it is yours and you are able to do what you please with it, for the most part, the catch 22 of that fact is that when you see damages, you can’t just turn your head and do nothing because if you don’t get it fixed, no one else will and the problem will not disappear. If your home has seen better days due some stormy weather contact Tollefson Bros at 952-881-2218!