Roofing ContractorAre you concerned that your roof is beginning to falter? Bloomington, MN weather can do serious damage to a roof that is not up to par structurally. So, when it comes to your roof, this is one home improvement project that you need to act on quickly. When it comes to hiring a Bloomington, MN roofer, put your trust in a team that is experienced and affordable. That’s exactly what you get by partnering with our professional roofers at Tollefson Bros. Exteriors, Inc.

Experienced Roofers

For more than 25 years, our roofing experts at Tollefson Bros. Exteriors, Inc., have been helping to keep the roofs of homes in Bloomington, MN in tip top shape. As a homeowner, your main responsibility is to keep an eye on your roof to try and catch any damage that may occur over time. If you believe damage has occurred, all you have to do is pick up the phone and call our experienced roofing team to request an evaluation. We know the common signs to look for when it comes to roof damage. We also can determine when it is time for your roof to be replaced. Whether you’re in need of minor roofing repairs or a full roof replacement, we’ve got you covered every step of the way.

Maximize Your Energy Efficiency

If you are like most families around Bloomington, MN, it is always a plus when you can cut down on costs around your household. By investing in a new replacement roof from our roofers at Tollefson, Bros. Exteriors, Inc., those high monthly energy bills that you’ve been paying for so long will see a significant drop in costs. In turn, more money will be freed up in your budget to address other expenses that you currently have or to put towards another home improvement project. Our replacement roofs are built to withstand the tough weather that hits the Bloomington, MN area on an annual basis.

So, if you are starting to get concerned about the health of your roof, it is time to team up with a reliable, experienced and affordable Bloomington, MN roofer. With more than two and a half decades of experience in the industry, look no further than our dedicated staff at Tollefson Bros. Exteriors, Inc., for all of your roofing repair and replacement needs. To schedule a free estimate today on your roofing needs, give us a call at (952) 881-2218.