Attic Insulation MNWeather in St. Paul, MN can be brutal when it comes to your utility bills. If you are thinking you need to win the lottery to pay them, perhaps it’s time to call on Tollefson Bros. Exteriors and find out about our attic insulation services. With a poorly insulated attic, you might as well throw money outside every time your heater kicks in, because that warm air rises right up through your attic, and your utility bill rises right along with it. Adding insulation is one of the fastest, most efficient ways to save on energy bills for the average home. The Department of Energy uses this jingle to promote sufficient insulation in the attic – “If you can see the floor, you need more.”

Attic Insulation Contractor St. Paul, MN

Owens Corning is the leader when it comes to insulation. Joining with Owens-Corning as an attic insulation contractor, Tollefson offers Expanding Blown-In Fiberglass Insulation, which can lower utility bills drastically, potentially saving as much as 20% a year or more on energy costs. Properly installed, this type of insulation won’t settle and reduce its R value over time. That’s important, because with our weather in St. Paul, it’s recommended that the R value be anywhere from R-38 to R-60 depending on the home, with R-49 being the average recommended amount. That translates to insulation thicknesses of 18” to 22” thick. Consideration still needs to be given to proper air flow and ventilation in the attic. Our installation professionals work with you to find the right amount of insulation that works for your home.

If your home is currently under construction, be sure to call us and let us install the proper amount of insulation in your attic before your home is complete. That way you can save money from the start.

Tame the Weather Beast

Put your energy bills on a leash by having Tollefson Bros. Exteriors add Blown-In Expanding Fiberglass Insulation to your home. Keep more of your money and enjoy the comfort of heating and cooling with lower utility costs.

For more information on attic insulation in St Paul, MN and how it can save you money, or to setup an appointment, call us at 952-881-2218 today!