Attic Insulation Contractor BloomingtonIs it time for attic insulation services near Bloomington? Contact the contractors you can trust, here at Tollefson Bros Exteriors! Keep your money where it belongs, in your wallet or invested into toys. Don’t let the big-name energy companies take your hard earned cash because the lid of your home is letting the air out. Seal up energy escaping areas today with the help of our professional attic insulation contractors. We have high knowledge of the materials used today on the market – contact us today.

Attic Insulation Services Bloomington: Types of Insulation

First off, the R-value is very important for our cold climate area. R-value a term measuring the resistance in the insulation. Anywhere from R 38 to R 60 is recommended to assist in the comfort during our beautiful Midwestern battle of the elements.

  • Spray Foam Insulation– Made up of scientifically made chemicals to provide top-notch insulation that will get in the tightest of spaces ensuring proper displacement of heat in your home.
  • Cellulose Insulation–  More natural insulation made of old paper or paperboard. Essentially the going green way of insulation your attic.
  • Fiberglass Insulation– The traditional roll out “itchy stuff”. We don’t mind that. Fiberglass is still around for a reason. It works and it works well. When your old fiberglass needs renewing give us a call we can help you get back to the right amount!

Give us a call for your topping off of attic insulation needs. We can help you save money and feel comfortable at the same time! Our professional contractor is just a phone call away from an affordable estimate in Bloomington, Minnesota.

Why Professional Attic Insulation Contractors?

Having a professional attic insulation company add, replace or install insulation will always increase the property value of your home and comfort. Having knowledgeable and experienced insulation contractors assisting homes in keeping their loved ones warm at night is a great prize for us. Knowing your home was dealt with by professionals that are licensed and insured – for safety – will also sit nicely when the upgrades are actually being completed to your home. You don’t want to have to redo a ceiling because your brother-in-law fell through trying to roll out some insulation quickly. Call the experienced Bloomington attic insulation contractors today for your pre-hibernation, last minute touch-ups and to keep your nest warm and comfortable at (952) 881-2218!