Attic Insulation Contractor Eden Prairie MNHave you gotten that nice little spike in your energy bill yet this month? Now is about the time the phone starts ringing and people start panicking about how much their utility bills are costing in Eden Prairie, MN. Before you go and flip out on your kids for turning the thermostat up during the middle of the night, was it really their fault? They still think money grows on trees…so how can you expect them to understand that air isn’t free? Fortunately, Tollefson Bros. Exteriors has a great solution for your entire family. Are you ready for it? Attic insulation!

Cost Effectiveness

Come on, don’t roll your eyes…you are starting to act like your kids! In all honesty, if you are bleeding money every month trying to pay your heating bills this winter, it may be time to consider insulating your attic to significantly lower your costs. Did you know that you can save approximately 20% a year on your energy bills by adding expanding fiberglass insulation to your attic? Cha-ching! There are numerous sources that predict that heating and cooling costs will continue to rise dramatically, making it more important than ever to go ahead and get this small project done! Your wallet will thank you!

Our Professional Installation Team

It’s important to use a reputable insulation contractor when you are investing in your home. At Tollefson Bros. Exteriors, we are experts in determining the right type of insulation you need and how it should be applied. Without the correct installation process, your ventilation may be poor which is not only dangerous, but could also result in poor effectiveness. Our professionals have been serving the Eden Prairie, MN area for over 25 years and know exactly how to achieve proper ventilation for maximum effectiveness in your home. We offer expanding blown-in fiberglass insulation, which has proven to be the highest quality insulation on the market today.

So quit freaking out on your kids! They were only trying to stay warm. If high heating bills stress you out and you are ready to make a real impact on your utility bills, it’s time to call Tollefson Bros. Exteriors. Make everyone happy and warm in your house! Serving all of Eden Prairie, MN, we are ready to get your attic insulated and ventilated right away! Have a very happy holiday and call us for a free estimate today at 952-881-2218.