Attic InsulationIf you own a home in Bloomington, MN, you may be wastefully throwing away your money during the frigid cold months or the extremely hot months of the year. The reason you may be throwing away money is because of those painfully high heating and cooling bills that you have to pay each month. You may be wondering why your energy bills are so high each month. One of the main culprits of these expensive monthly bills is poor attic insulation. Attic insulation is incredibly important if you live in Bloomington, MN because it keeps the heat or air condition within your home rather than letting it seep through your attic. When it comes to attic insulation, there is no better company to choose in the area than Tollefson Bros. Exteriors, Inc.

Expanding Blown-In Fiberglass Insulation

When deciding on the type of insulation that we wanted to offer our clients in Bloomington, MN and beyond, we felt that the best option on the market was the “Expanding Blown-In Fiberglass Insulation”. This type of insulation will maximize the insulation in your attic so that heating and cooling your home becomes more affordable. Studies have shown that by adding this type of insulation in your attic, you can save up to 20% per year on your energy bills.

Complimentary Evaluation

The first step to better insulating your attic and home is to pick up the phone and get connected with our experienced staff at Tollefson Bros. Exteriors, Inc. With over 25 years of experience, we’ve seen all types of attic insulation issues, so we know exactly what to look for when evaluating attic insulation. We offer free estimates where we will come to your home, inspect and provide you with an affordable estimate for all of your attic insulation needs. Our goal with every job is to provide our clients with efficient attic insulation that still allows for necessary ventilation within your home.

When it comes to attic insulation in Bloomington, MN, our team at Tollefson Bros. Exteriors, Inc., is a company you can trust, at a price you can afford! If you are sick of the high heating and cooling bills each month, it is time to give us a call to set up a free estimate on all of your attic insulation needs. Contact us today at (952) 881-2218. Concerned about the cost? No need to worry as we offer special financing options for qualified customers as well.