Exterior ImprovementsSo, you’re officially a Minneapolis, MN homeowner..Congratulations! If your home isn’t brand-spanking-new there are probably a few things your wanting to change, but after the closing costs, moving expenses and all the little odds and ends you purchased, but didn’t plan on, you’re probably a little more strapped for cash than expected. The professional home improvement and repair contractors of Tollefson can help you, even when you’ve got a strict budget set aside.

The best part of your new purchase is that it’s a long-term investment, which will increase in value. Any money you put into your home isn’t wasted – when completed properly and well researched. Opposed to renting, which is the equivalent of tossing your money into a fire-pit and having someone else watch it burn. Our services will pay you back in time and can even lower your monthly bills.

Our General Contractors have over 25 years of Experience in Exterior Services:

Personalize Your Minneapolis MN Home

Make the home you purchased your own by completing exterior improvements that include your unique style and personality. Whether it’s adding stone veneer, replacing the windows or taking care of the roof, that may have been neglected. You choose your style, color and improvement, we’ll ensure that only quality materials are installed and the installation is performed correctly.

Affordable Exterior Home Repairs/Improvements

You know what you want to do to your home but you just don’t know how your going to do it, financially. This is the reason we, at Tollefson Bros, offer affordable services, as well as financing. Depending on your credit (which is most likely good – because you were able to buy a home) we can get you payment plans that will allow you to make your dreams come true now, pay for it later and in smaller amounts. We have no-payment, no-interest options, not offered by many other general contractors. Get everything done at once, so that you can relax and enjoy your home!

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