Blown Attic Insulation Saskatoon

If you live in Saskatoon and desire your home to be heat resistant and energy efficient, then the solution is blown-in attic insulation.

Blown insulation helps your home retain cool air and stops heat from coming into your home during the summer. It enables you to achieve the opposite in winter. This is one way of reducing your heating and cooling bills.

Blow-in attic insulation in Saskatoon is a better solution than the traditional insulation method if your attic is older or requires an update.


Insulation installation in Saskatoon is similar to what is obtained in other developed cities in the world. It entails the filling of stud or covering the attic floor with any loose material of your choice.

You start blow-in insulation by using a blower hose to spray your chosen airy insulation material all over the attic floor and into desired cavities as someone else on your team will feed fiberglass mineral wool into an attic space. The team member continues spreading the fiberglass wool and ensures the cavities are stuffed to the desired satisfaction or evenly coat the wool all over the attic floor until the desired thickness is achieved.


Blown-in attic insulation installation takes about the whole day, unlike faced batting and rolling, which takes longer to install. However, Saskatoon insulation installation will take more time if an old insulation needs to be first removed. It will take a few days for the blown-in attic insulation to be fully installed in such cases.

It is dangerous to allow children access to the blown-in attic insulation installed in your home when spread on the floor. Nowadays, blown in attic insulation in Saskatoon is free of asbestos. The insulation installation process does not make use of organic or non-toxic materials. Also, make sure a foremost roofing company does the insulation installation.


When the blown attic insulation in your home expires, it is necessary to remove it with the right tools and professional support. The expired attic insulation may result from too much dirt or dust, and this will make you feel uncomfortable during winter and summer.

If your attic insulation was done with cellulose, you would need an adequate high-powered bucket vacuum with enough suction power to extract the insulation. You'll need to cover your furniture and other equipment in your home to prevent the cellulose from causing a huge mess in your home. Also, you'll need a big bag to put the cellulose. However, ensure the air is out before tying the bag. A leading professional will need about 10 hours to remove cellulose attic insulation. 

This is different when your attic insulation was done with fiberglass batt. The preparation involves wearing a long sleeve, goggle, and a paper mask. You start by rolling up the batts from the extreme corner of the attic. Then drop the rolled-up batts in a big bag. The space in your attic and your roof's pitch will determine the number of hours required to remove fiberglass batt insulation. With professional help, about 8 hours will do.


The best replacement to blown attic insulation is poly and spray foam insulators which are sprayed into the cavities of buildings and expand to fit into the surroundings. You have a choice between closed-cell and open-cell, depending on your desire. It is low cost, provides a sound barrier, permeable to moisture, and flexible.

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Blown Attic Insulation Saskatoon

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Blown Attic Insulation Saskatoon

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